It was a smokefilled and ginsoaked night at the baddest honkytonk in town, when our two protagonists discovered their common love for one of the most undererrated artists in the world. Huddie Ledbetter, better known as Leadbelly!

So plans were made, strings got strung, and old songs were mourned and hollered. They climbed on the shoulders of this giant to pay dues to the man and carry his mighty legacy into the 21st century.

As well respected artists in their own right, Timo Gross and Adax Dörsam handle these songs with care. With respect, but their own gut and head, these two strong characters interpret the heritage of Leadbelly. Gross intense voice and earthy guitar complement perfectly with Dörsams unusual and fancy guitarstyles.

Here we are: talking to Huddie Ledbetter now!

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containing a.o.: Black Betty, Good Night Irene, Where did You Sleep Last Night, Midnight Special,
Cottonfields, Gallows Pole, Western Plain

Black Betty

My Baby Left Me

Good Night Irene

Where did you sleep last night @Ella&Louis

Gallis Pole @Finkenbach


19.7. Open Door, Neu-Isenburg
15.11. Capitol Casino, Mannheim


20.01. Weinheim, Muddy´s Club
31.3. KA-Hohenwettersbach, Evangelische Kirche
4.7. Maulbeerinsel, Mannheim -Feudenheim


10.09. Herxheim, Interkunst
5.11. Freiburg Blues Festival, Schloss Rheinach


13.08.2021, Finkenbach Festival, Finkenbach
20.8.2021 Heimatrock, Ladenburg
29.9. Kofferfabrik Fürth
30.9.2021 Textilmuseum, Helmbrechts
22.10.2021 Red House, Pfingstberg Blues, Mannheim
29.12.2021 Stadthalle, Herxheim


11.07.2020 Blues and Roots, Weingut Ullrich, Pleisweiler
14.8.2020 Heimatrock, Ladenburg
15.8.2020 Hallo Finkenbach, Sportplatz Finkenbach
11.9.2020 Café Central, Weinheim
16.10.2020 Charivari, Ulm
17.12.2020 Ella und Louis, Mannheim
27.12.2020 Stadthalle, Herxheim, tbc